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(NVS) Navodaya TGT English Syllabus 2023

नवोदय टीजीटी इंगलिश की तैयारी करने वाले अभ्यर्थी यहाँ से Navodaya TGT English Syllabus 2023 पढ़ सकते हैं या डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं। यह सिलेबस दो भागों में विभाजित किया गया है। पहले भाग में सामान्य विषयों से प्रश्न पूछे जाएँगे ये सभी के लिये अनिवार्य है।

इंगलिश विषय का सिलेबस 4 खंडों में विभाजित है।

 Topic-wise syllabus for teaching posts notified in Direct/ Special and LDE/LDCE  Recruitment Drive 2022-23 by NVS (Common topics)  

Reasoning Ability: 

Puzzles & Seating arrangement, Data sufficiency, Statement  based questions (Verbal. reasoning), Inequality, Blood relations, Sequences and Series,  Direction Test, Assertion and Reason, Venn Diagrams.  

Numeric Ability: 

Number Systems, Simple Interest and Compound Interest,  Simplification/Approximation, Time and Work, Averages, and Data Interpretation.  

General Awareness: 

Current Affairs with special emphasis in the field of Education.  Language Competency Test (General English and General Hindi):  

General English: 

Reading Comprehension, Cloze Test, Sentence Improvement,  Spotting the errors, Sentence Rearrangement and Synonyms/Antonyms. Language Competency Test (Part VI) for 19 Regional Languages (Only for  TGTs/Misc. Cat. Of Teachers): Questions may be based upon the topics of –

Knowledge of ICT: 

Fundamentals of Computer System, Basics of Operating System,  MS Office, Keyboard Shortcuts and their uses, Important Computer Terms and  Abbreviations, Computer Networks, Cyber Security, and Internet.  

Teaching Aptitude: 

Teaching-Nature, Characteristics, Objectives and Basic  requirements, Learner’s characteristics, Factors affecting teaching, Methods of  Teaching, Teaching Aids and Evaluation Systems.  

Note: Difficulty level of questions shall very accordingly. Higher the post, higher the  difficulty level. 

Note: The standard of questions for Language Proficiency Test (Hindi. English  and Regional Language, if applicable) shall be of basic nature (upto Class  X level).  

Navodaya TGT English Syllabus


Reading Comprehension 

(Section – A) 

Ability to comprehend, analyze and interpret an unseen text 

Three/four unseen texts of varying lengths (150-250 words) with a variety of  objective type, multiple choice questions ( including questions to test  vocabulary) testing factual and global comprehension. 

Writing ability 

(Section –B) 

Testing ability to express facts views/opinions in a coherent and logical manner  in a style suitable to the task set. 

B.1 One short writing task such as: notice, message or a postcard. B.2 Writing a report of an event, process, or place. 

B.3 Writing an article / debate / speech based on visual / verbal input on a  given concurrent topic for e.g. environment, education, child labour,  gender bias, drug-abuse etc presenting own views fluently.  

B.4 Writing a letter (formal/informal) on the basis of verbal / visual input.  Letter types include: (a) letter to the editor; (b) letter of complaint; (c)  letter of request; (d) descriptive, personal letters. 

Grammar and Usage 

(Section – C) 

Ability to apply the knowledge of syntax, language/grammatical items and to  use them accurately in context. 

The following grammatical structures will be tested: 

(1) Tenses 

(2) Modals 

(3) Voice 

(4) Subject – verb concord 

(5) Connectors 

(6) Clauses 

(7) Parts of speech 

(8) Punctuation 

(9) Sequencing to form a coherent sentence or a paragraph 


(Section – D) 

To test the candidate’s familiarity with the works of writers of different genres  and periods of English Literature. 

The candidate should have a thorough knowledge of :- 

✔ Shakespeare’s works. 

✔ Romantic Period ( e.g. Shelley, Wordswoth, Keats, Coleridge, Byron etc.)

✔ 19th & 20th Century American and English Literature (e.g. Robert Frost  Hemingway, Ted Hudges, Whitman, Hawthorne, Emily Dickinson, Bernard  Shaw etc.) 

✔ Modern Indian Writing in English (e.g. Anita Desai, Vikram Seth, Nissim  Ezekiel, K.N. Daruwala, Ruskin Bond, R.K. Narayan, Mulk Raj Anand,  Khushwant Singh etc.) 

✔ Modern Writings in English from different parts of the world.

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